Become a Tea Master...

Hosted by: Bird & Blend

One for Tea Lovers

If you want to educate yourself on the nation’s favourite drink then look no further, because what Bird & Blend don’t know about tea, isn’t worth knowing.

As part of your box you’ll discover 7 types of single origin teas, taste 10 different blended teas, and receive a link to watch a Tea Master Class by one of Bird & Blend’s expert Tea Mixologists, so you can learn all about the different types of tea, how they’re grown, produced and brewed!

Not forgetting the 101 of how to tea taste with expertise!

You will also get your own Perfect Tea Spoon, DIY tea infuser sacs, plus a beautifully designed tasting card, all packed in a gorgeous Bird & Blend gift box!

What more could a tea lover ask for?

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You'll save 10% off this box from Bird & Blend, and walk away with 100% more tea knowledge.

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