Sunday roasts at The Rottingdean

Hosted by: The Rottingdean Lounge Bar

Is it Sunday yet?

If it is, you should be making your way to The Rottingdean Bar Lounge - a beautiful venue, with a beautiful Sunday lunch offering!

If it's sunny, you can make use of The Rottingdean's incredible outdoor area, and if it's not, you can cosy up in the snug comforting pub.

But what will you order? How is this for a lineup?

The South Downs Leg of Lamb?

The Trenchmore Farm Topside of Beef?

The Garlic & Thyme Confit Duck Leg?

The Slow Roasted Belly of Local Pork?

The Truffle Oil & Smoked Garlic High Welfare Chicken?

Or, the Mushroom & Cashew Nut Wellington?

Whatever you choose, The Rottingdean's wine list will not let you down if you are looking to pair your roast with a few glasses of the good stuff, and members will get 15% off their food bill...

...which to us just means that you can order a few more glasses of wine than you had originally intended!

How to plan your date:

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