Great food, great coffee, great cocktails & great times.

Hosted by: Small Batch

Try out the new concept at Small Batch...

Small Batch are introducing a new coffee and dining concept, centred around great food, great coffee, great cocktails and great times.

Open from 7:30am – 10pm every day, Small Batch Kitchen & Bar starts the day with freshly roasted coffee and breakfast.

‘Brighton’s Brunch’ menu is offered throughout the day and from 6pm to 10pm they serve a new restaurant menu curated by the Small Batch chefs. The menu focuses on local ingredients and seasonal produce to ensure the Small Batch quality. All rounded off by their own coffee cocktails.

From Espresso to Espresso Martini, from Cold Brew to Martinez, throughout the day serving the traditional Small Batch offering accompanied by wide range of carefully-chosen local beers, wines and cocktails… who better to make an Espresso Martini than Small Batch?

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