River Ouse Kayaking Trip

Hosted by: Hatt Adventures

Cruise along the Ouse...

Hatt’s most popular river trip explores the upper section of the River Ouse.

Starting at Barcombe Mills, you will enjoy a scenic kayaking trip, paddling up river to the beautiful Isfield Weir (also known as Fish Ladder Falls).

You’ll kayak through stunning surroundings and enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.

If you have not kayaked before, no need to worry, you’ll start by learning to manoeuvre the kayak including correct technique, posture, and how to turn, brake and paddle backwards.

Once the basics are mastered we’ll start the real adventure, paddling at a pace that suits you.

You’ll even meet a few fun challenges along the way including moving around trees and doing the limbo under bridges, which all helps to make the journey an exciting adventure!

At the weir you’ll be able to take some time to enjoy the stunning surroundings, have a rest and a bite to eat as well taking advantage of a great photo opportunity with a backdrop of rushing water.

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