Learn to give each other a massage with your own couples massage workshop...

Hosted by: Perfect Pamper

The skill that keeps on giving...

There is some analogy to teaching a man to fish here, we are sure...

Instead of just enjoying a one off couples massage, you can now learn how to give each other one, so that you will be able to enjoy massages on tap until the end of time!

To give each other an amazing massage, is one of the best couples gifts you can give each other, it’s the gift, that keeps on giving.

Perfect Pamper's workshops are designed bespoke for you and your partner, and take place at yours!

The advantage of having the couples massage workshop at home is that there is no need for a massage couch. Instead, you'll use furniture from your home to deliver your treatments...unless you do have a spare massage couch hanging about of course...

After this date, you'll be familiar with various different massage techniques, and you'll be armed with a new skill that I'm sure will go down very well...

Oh, and as a member you'll also get 15% off any couples massage workshop to make things even more bliss!

How to plan your date:

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