Reach new heights together...

Hosted by: Hatt Adventures

On this date, it helps to be clingy...

Experience adrenaline like never before with a half day of outdoor rock climbing - this is where the thrill and exhilaration really is at!

Gripping onto rocks halfway up a cliff face is a nerve-wracking yet electrifying experience and the sense of achievement upon reaching the top is unlike any other.

The session will be tailored to your group so whether you’re first timers wanting to learn the basic skills and hoping to get your feet off the ground, or you want to climb to the top of every mountain we will help you get there.

You’ll be taking it in turns to climb and belay each other throughout the experience.

Scaling the rocks is great fun and it’s always good to hear encouragement from your partner watching below, nothing better to strengthen your bond!

The course will be situated at Southern sandstone which is surrounded by beautiful woodland and is easily accessible, being situated halfway between London and Brighton, and the view from the top are pretty dreamy!

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