Making a case for the second date: why it's JUST as important as the first...

Written by: Imogen Sewell

In the world of dating, first dates kind of hog the limelight.

We get it: after weeks of chatting online, exchanging pithy texts and decoding the meaning of their emojis, finally meeting in person is a big deal. And nothing will beat the nervous excitement of a first date. 

But, first impressions aren’t everything. A second date, a really good second date, can be far more thrilling than the first. And, more often than not, a second date is a vital tool to work out how you really feel about a person.

Here's why date two matters...

#1 You’ll really know how you feel 

With all the adrenaline of getting ready, the nervous laughter and the dutch courage, it’s easy to come out of a first date and not know how you actually feel. The second date is a chance to address your own feelings – nerves aside – and ask yourself whether this one’s a keeper.  

#2 Second dates are for those who are serious about finding a parter…

…aka those who aren’t just in it for one night.

According to a Match.com survey, people who are actively looking for commitment are 74 percent more likely to give a date a second chance. And for good reason! First impressions are often wrong, and dates are a prime time to jump to false conclusions about a person. 

That’s why we always recommend a second date…

And here's why date two is waaay better than the first date...

#1 You can actually have a conversation 

On a second date you can actually, genuinely chat. Another meeting gives you the chance to swap the formalities of “where do you work?” and “how many siblings do you have” for finding out about their interests, ambitions, hopes and (if you’re really hitting it off) deepest, darkest fears.

#2 You can get creative with your date idea… 

Think of your second date as an opportunity to do something different. You’ll probably know a bit about your date by now, so you branch out from the standard coffee or drink. 

It’s also a great chance to show how nice/interesting/thoughtful you are! 

If your date mentioned a particular hobby, a favourite cuisine or something they’ve always wanted to try, then suggesting one of these as a second date will show you’ve been listening and stack up your brownie points. 

Trust us on this one.

Instead of writing off a date because sparks weren’t flying instantly, give a second date a chance. 

You never know – it might be the best decision you ever made!

…and if you are looking for date ideas – you’re in luck, as we’ve collated the UK’s best date ideas, and secured special offers on every single date.

Plan you next date here.

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