Thai Together

Hosted by: Longrain Thai

Enjoy the best of South East Asia's cuisine on the South East coast...

Longrain have created a brilliant fusion of South East Asian cuisine.

So, if you are looking for colourful and aromatic dishes to create the perfect harmony between four essential elements: Hot, Sour, Salty and Sweet - then you are in exactly the right place!

Every plate achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of hot, sweet, salty, and sour, and all of Longrain’s ingredients are carefully sourced, and organic where possible, and their sauces and pastes are what makes them so uniquely different.

This date is all about flavour, great ingredients, and care. All dishes are cooked from scratch, and you can really tell.

So, if you want you next feel good fix, look no further than Longrain - and we haven’t even mentioned the drinks menu yet!

Members will also get 15% off their bill on weekdays, which is music to our ears!

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