A sensory introduction to wine tasting...

Hosted by: London Wine Academy

Learn how to trust your nose and palate rather than the visual aspect of wine.

Can you tell the difference between red and white wine? Of course you can! But what if we hide the colour?

The fun, interactive Sensory Introduction to Wine Tasting Masterclass starts with a blind ISO Wine Glasses Tasting tasting. Using carefully selected wines that have opposing characteristics they will teach you the building blocks of taste including sweetness, acidity, acid and tannins. You will be introduced to the Wine Tasting Tool of the Wine world by using the Systematic Approach to Wine tasting.

Finally, they will demystify the dark art of food and drink pairing. Don’t expect a three-course meal, but the samples provided will teach you why some wines are ‘food wines’.

You will never look at a glass of wine the same & Datemakes members save 25%!

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