How to survive your first holiday as a couple...

Written by: Imogen Sewell

What’s not to love about a first holiday away as a couple?! Naturally, you’ll get on like a house on fire; agree on everything from where to eat to a daily budget; you won’t run out of things to talk about and you’ll never argue about what time to get to the airport. 

Yeah, right. 

Holidays provide some much-needed respite from the stresses of every day life, but experts say the first break with your partner can make or break a relationship. There’s nothing like five days in sunny Spain to make you realise that your partner is more annoying than you thought… 

But don’t worry. By following these five simple tips you can avoid a holiday nightmare and enjoy a relaxing break with your new partner, stress (and argument) free. 

Here's are our tip tips:

#1 Choose your location wisely…

Before you book anything, be sure to know exactly what you both want out of a holiday. If your girlfriend’s idea of a great holiday is adventure sports and adrenaline activities, a long weekend in Paris might not be your best bet. 

It’s also important to go somewhere neither of you has been before. Sharing a new experience and exploring a new place together is a key part of a first holiday. This also avoids one of you acting as tour guide, or – worse – reminiscing about a previous trip with (shudder) an ex.

#2 Plan, but don’t over-plan.

Do a spot of research (Lonely Planet and Culture Trip are great) and plan an itinerary that suits both your interests. But don’t pack your trip too full – you don’t want it to feel like a school trip, or a busy work day! Leave room for plenty of long meals, beer stops and post-lunch siestas. 

#3 Money talks (so listen)… 

Not romantic, not sexy… but very necessary. Have a frank, open discussion before you book anything about how much you want to spend on your trip – maybe even agree on a daily budget.

This will avoid any awkwardness or resentment when one of you is tucking into lobster and champagne and the other is sipping on a tap water.

#4 Bring games, books and films… 

It’s amazing how far a deck of cards can go. Or Uno. Or a quiz book. What can seem like a dull activity in the UK can be a funny and highly enjoyable way to wile away a few hours on holiday. Books can allow for some ‘me time’, if spending 24/7 with your other half gets too much.

Reading back on this list, it all looks a bit doom and gloom. So forget everything we said, put the tour guides away, go wild on the sangrias, lose you passport and Airbnb keys, and just enjoy yourselves!

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