Five Bristol date ideas for £22 or under...

Written by: Joe Murley

Who said a cheap date was a bad thing?

We’ve put together a list of five Bristol dates all for £22 or under. Winner winner chicken dinner*! 

*There aren’t actually any chicken dinners in the list, but now I mention it…you should head to Wings Diner at Small Bar for your fix!

#1 Yin Yoga

It’s good to stretch. Join Jess at Wild Wolf’s for a relaxed and revitalising session of yoga. See which poses you can master and use it as a chance to wind down from the stresses of city life. The perfect date for the power couples who need to relax.

#2 A spot of stand up comedy…

Love a giggle? Head down to Smoke and Mirrors for their Monday night comedy shows, growing in popularity and with acclaimed local comedians, this is one to book in advance.

You can also argue other who is the most funny in the relationship…

#3 Moor Beer Tasting & Brewery Tour

Moor kicked off the ‘unfined’ beer movement in the UK, so all the beer brewed is vegan-friendly, as there aren’t any isinglass finings (fish guts) added during the brewing process.

You’ll get to learn some of the secrets behind Moor’s brewing processes​​ and you’ll also get to try three different 1​/​3 pints each during your visit.

#4 Coffee Tutoring & Cake… 

Instead of just grabbing a coffee on your next date, why not learn about the art of coffee making, and try a variety of different blends? Not complete without a slice of homemade cake of course…

#5 Grab some liquid nitrogen ice cream…

Bar owners Joe and Ben are quickly becoming Bristol legends. 

The brothers have been working hard on their smooth creations for many years. Their liquid nitrogen ice cream started over in St.Nicks market before they decided to venture into the harder stuff and start making liquid nitrogen cocktails.  

Head to their quirky bar and grab a few frozen cocktails that’ll knock your socks off!

It really is the perfect way to see in summer.

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