First date ideas in Bristol to get acquainted with...

Written by: Joe Murley

First dates can (sometimes) be an awkward experience, but there's no need for them to be.

With an increase in people meeting online, there are more and more first dates going on…but sometimes not always a second! We want your first dates to be fun and memorable.

That’s why we’ve created a list of five first date spots for you to try in Bristol. 

#1 Chance your arm at indoor golf… 

InPlay Golf is great, you can play up to 18 holes in the middle of December…without stepping foot outside, all whilst sipping on a drink from their fully licensed bar! 

The term ‘fair-weather golfer’ fits in perfectly here, and InPlay Golf is great for a first date as they welcome golfers of all abilities to go and play on one of their five simulators.

It’s a great way to have a laugh (at each other) and have a few drinks whilst doing so.

Don’t worry – if you’re really struggling to hit the ball straight there are coaching staff on hand to give you a few pointers… It is fun to laugh at each other a bit, we agree, but a bit of competition is also fun as well! 

Why not do back-to-back Datemakers dates and try a cocktail making masterclass just round the corner at Loose Canon straight after?!

#2 Grab some frozen cocktails…

Bar owners Joe and Ben are quickly becoming Bristol legends. 

The brothers have been working hard on their smooth creations for many years. Their liquid nitrogen ice cream started over in St.Nicks market before they decided to venture into the harder stuff and start making liquid nitrogen cocktails.  

Head to their quirky bar and grab a few frozen cocktails that’ll knock your socks off!

It really is the perfect way to see in summer.

#3 Drinks at Christmas Steps, followed by bowling at The Lanes… 

I’m about to make a bold statement, and I know there are a load of fantastic pubs in Bristol… But The Christmas Steps is the best.

The Christmas Steps followed by a bowl at the Lanes is a classic combo and is bound to make for a memorable first date. 

There is a stage down by the bar, so if you choose your night right you could be bowling with live music playing in the background. 

Thinking about it, this might just be the best first date ever…drinks, food, bowling and live music…we’ll let you decide.

#4 St Werburgh’s City Farm Cafe

Off the beaten track this one, but that’s what we’re all about. This wonderful Cafe is a truly unique first date, and this is why we love it so much…it’s even responsible for creating a new category in The Observer Food awards where it won the Best Ethical Contribution!

The Cafe itself is right in the middle of the city farm – who are responsible for providing a large number of the cafe’s ingredients…even the local allotment owners trade-in veg in return for a meal or drinks!

#5 Climb Cabot Tower… 

The greatest view of Bristol is like all best things in life, free. Head to Cabot Tower  for an unforgettable lookout, and why not park yourself on one of Brandon Hill’s many benches and crack open a few tinnies?

We wouldn’t mind if someone took us on this date one bit!

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