Earn £7.50 for every member you introduce to Datemakers.

For creators, influencers, affiliates, marketers, and anyone else…

We get it, you are approached 1000x a day to endorse companies...

So, the first question you will be asking yourself is: is this brand relevant to my audience and can it help them?

The second question: How much money does this campaign pay?

About us...

Datemakers is a subscription service for couples. 

We are on a mission to build the worlds largest list of date ideas, and we save couples money on every single date. 

Think of us like Tastecard, but for dates – and only £14.99 per year.

So, the question is: 

Would I share a website that has hundreds of date ideas and saves people money on their dates?

Hopefully, the answer is yes!

Now onto the topic of money…

We split everything we earn 50/50 with you...

You might be thinking this is too good to be true, but we prefer paying creators, rather than spending money on ads with big tech companies.

We also respect the hard work it takes to build up an audience – and that’s why we pay you 50% for every customer you introduce to us.

Our job in the partnership is to run the website, provide the date ideas (and offers), provide customer service, and so on…

Your job – is to simply share what we do with your audience, getting 50% of the revenue, without all the boring bits!

There’s absolutely no limit to how much you can make…or is the sky the limit?

Our annual subscription costs £14.99, and we’ll give you £7.50 for every customer you refer.

Getting started...

1. Sign up to our Rewardful Program to get started...💞

Follow the 'Start Sharing' link - and create your Rewardful account.

2. Set yourself up in less than five minutes...💪

Once you've created your account, you'll be able to access your personalised link.

3. Start sharing your link, and start getting paid...💸

Now you are free to start sharing Datemakers with your audience. We pay creators every two weeks via Paypal, and you can track all your commission in the Rewardful dashboard.

Ways to share your link...

We trust you implicitly with the content you create (otherwise we wouldn’t have reached out!), so you have total free reign, however, here are a few examples of ways we can work together:

How much can I earn?

No need for calculators here...

Our simple 50/50 split means you'll get £7.50 for every person you introduce to us.

So, who knows their 7.5 times tables?

125 sign ups = £1,000

1,000 sign ups = £7,500

10,000 sign ups = £75,000

100k sign ups = £750,000

125k sign ups = £1m

1m sign ups = £7.5m

Can you imagine the latter!?

We thought we might as well swing big!

So, join our next intake of supporters to help us spread the word, and get paid for helping your audience out!

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