Sunset climb: Up at The O2...

Hosted by: The O2

See this world-famous venue from a whole new angle...

At The O2 the action doesn’t just happen on stage, it also happens on the roof.

Up at The O2 is a 90-minute experience you won’t forget. Zip up your climb jacket. Pull on your boots. Hook up your harness. Then make your way up the south face of one of the most striking buildings in London’s skyline.

Leading the way will be one of their friendly climb guides. They know all sorts of interesting facts about The O2, from its unique architecture to its famous visitors. So feel free to ask questions as you climb.

At the summit, you’ll be standing 52 metres above the legendary arena, with 360-degree views across this historic part of London beside the River Thames.

Go on up as the sun goes down. Pure romance as you experience London against the backdrop of an auburn sky. Ready to experience something out of the ordinary?

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