Make sushi at home together...

Hosted by: Umezushi

Sushi lovers? Keen to learn how to make it yourself?

Umezushi’s was, at one time, the number one Manchester Based Sushi restaurant. Now they have stepped away from the restaurant business they're offering this unique experience for you, at home.

Your sushi kit will have everything you need so you can either choose to make nigiri, maki or something a little different like Temari sushi. Delivered with insulated and cool packaging that is bio-degradable and recyclable!

The great thing about this kit is that the rice comes pre cooked and mixed with sushi vinegar making it a fun and a hassle free experience.

What come's in your pack? Akami, Chutoro Otoro, Hamachi, Salmon, Scallops Sea Bream, Sushi Rice, Wasabi and of course Nori. Now, if you don't know everything on the list then don't be intimidated. It's time for you to learn! And if you do, then you know what you're doing, and you've done this before!

Make your sushi alongside watching their videos on YouTube that will show you what to do and give you all the tips and tricks!

Umezushi ship the kits via next day delivery on either a Wednesday or Thursday making it ideal for you to create your sushi over the weekend.

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