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Seven Bro7hers has an epic story behind their brand. Starting with their Dad, Eric, who had a lot: a wonderful wife (their Mum), seven sons, four daughters, a cellar and a beer brewing kit...

As each one of the brothers hit 18, their first legal pint was of their Dad’s beer, in the cellar, and so ale has a real and special significance to all of the brothers.

In short, they opened a brewery, with a tap room, their craft beer is sold all over the country as well as in their very own Beerhouse in Ancoats, Manchester and their beers are delivered right to your door!

Read their full story on their website. But for now, get your hands on a mixed case of proper good craft beers...

They have multiple options for you to choose from. We'd recommend trying the watermelon wheat beer, the hoppy pale, the Sling It Out Stout...actually, we'd recommend trying them all. And as Datemakers members, you get 20% off your first case!

Cheers to beers!

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