Cocktails in the Wild West...

Hosted by: Moonshine Saloon

A wild night at an immersive saloon bar...

Moonshine Saloon combines immersive theatre with a world-class cocktail drinking experience, and transports you from the streets of East London to the streets of the Wild West on the promise of making a fortune in an illicit moonshine smuggling operation at the top of its game.

On arrival you’ll get your Wild West costumes and then get stuck into the saloon bar which boasts outrageous cocktails and eccentric waiting staff.

This is a guarenteed fun night out together, and members get 15% off!

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How to book:

Book directly via the Moonshine Saloon website here & add the following code to claim your savings:


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Booking support:

If you have any questions about this date or need to update your booking, please get in touch with the Moonshine Saloon directly:

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