Unleash your inner creative baker!

Hosted by: The Big London Bake

Are you up for The Big London Bake?

Get baking together with The Big London Bake! Your key ingredients for the ultimate baking extravaganza include...

0 x experience needed
1 x awesome marquee
Add a dash of competition
Set the timer to 90 minutes
Customise with our creation corner
Stir in a slice of creativity

And when the time's up, the winning team is crowned.

90 minutes to whisk, roll and drizzle your way together towards a winning bake. The Big London Bake off will give you all the instructions, tools and tips to create a masterpiece or a right old mess.

Datemakers members get a free bakers hat & apron on arrival to do things in style! OR Datemakers members save 5% when booking as a couple!

How to book:


When you arrive, show your pass to confirm your membership...

Booking support:

If you have any questions about this date, or need to update your booking, please contact them directly:

💌  {{insert best email address here}}


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