Sourdough pizza in Wapping Wharf...

Hosted by: Bertha's Pizza

World class pizza, the best in Bristol and beyond.

If you haven't been to Bertha's yet you should book this date immediately!

It's a favourite for us at Datemakers, admittedly we probably go too often. But really you can't go often enough.

Their pizza is their passion. They ferment the dough for days and bake at 500 degrees for 60 to 90 seconds.

Seared. Charred. Striving for perfection.

Bertha's are offering Datemakers members a special offer on weeknights!

How to book:


When you arrive, show your pass to confirm your membership...

Booking support:

If you have any questions about this date, or need to update your booking, please get in touch with them directly:

💌 [email protected]

📞 0117 929 0003

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