Kick off your aerialist careers with Aerial Slings...

Hosted by: Flying Fantastic

Hangout in soft fabric hammocks... What's not to like?

Aerial Slings is a great way to get into aerial, or, if you want to give something new and active a go!

Aerial Slings are exactly that – large slings of silk hanging from the ceiling that allow you to move into a diverse range of figures and shapes. Or you can just simply enjoy feeling totally supported in the air.

Also known as hammock or swings, it is a great introduction to Aerial Fitness, providing excellent support whilst you concentrate on getting your arms and legs in the right place!

Whilst it may seem like a daunting apparatus, the coaches make it as accessible to every aspiring aerialist at each stage of their burgeoning career. Rest assured that each class will have a ratio of two people per hoop, providing sufficient time for you perfect your moves.

Why not give it a go? The Aerial Slings classes are held regularly at Flying Fantastic's Peckham venue. And! Flying Fantastic are offering Datemakers couples 20% off Aerial Hoop classes when you book for the both of you.

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