Learn how to make a great coffee...

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Say hello to a coffee worth waking up for…

There's a science to the art of coffee, and 200 degrees can teach you..

You no longer have to put up with the “coffee” your partner's made for you...even if you pretend it's nice to their face.

So if you just want to learn how to drink better coffee at home or a latte like a seasoned pro then it’s time take a barista class at 200 Degrees

Get ready for 200 degree's coffee gurus to pass on their knowledge to you!

This basic barista course includes:

• Introduction to coffee history.
• The journey from bean to cup.
• Hands-on introduction to the workings of a professional espresso machine and grinder.
• Espresso extraction and grinder calibration.
• Milk steaming and drink building, teaching the skills to make the perfect latte and cappuccino.

The course lasts for about 3 hours and costs £150 for the two of you, including a bag of 200 Degrees coffee beans to take home. As a Datemakers couple, you save £15!

How to book:

You can book your Basic Barista courses here. To redeem your 10% apply the discount code at checkout:


When you arrive, show your pass to confirm your membership...

Booking support:

If you have any questions about this date, or need to update your booking, please get in touch with 200 Degrees Coffee Roasters directly:

📞 0161 3597014

💌 [email protected]

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