New dates, updates, date tips, date do’s, date don’ts…

With all the Bank Holiday’s on the horizon we thought we’d share our favourite cocktail deliveries to get you in the mood. PS – we have also got special member deals for you all!

Here are our favourite things to do in Bristol, which cost absolutely nothing. Ziltch. Nada.

Here’s why you’ve got to make time for date night. 

Cocktails? Check. Cake? Check. A caricaturist and magician? Why the hell not. Spoiler: it was a success! 

“I’ve never been told quite so much to ‘just put the tip in!” – find out what happened when Nat went on our saxophone date…

Five quick-fire affordable dates to get you away from Netflix, and onto a memorable date!

Call us crazy, but we’d take acroyoga or archery over the cinema any day…

If you’re a keen Bristol foodie, you’ll have heard of Cargo at Wapping Wharf, a bustling hub of tiny takeaways, quirky clothes shops and dinky dining options.

First dates are a weird and wonderful thing. A bad first date can send you running for the hills, overthinking and embarrassed, wishing you’d stayed at home. But a good first date is a game-changer. 

There’s nothing like five days in sunny Spain to make you realise that your partner is more annoying than you thought…

A list of six Bristol date ideas that make for a great first date. You might even get some brownie points for trying something new…

A second date, a really good second date, can be far more thrilling than the first. 

It’s 2020. Gone are the days of dowries, shot gun weddings and medieval courting traditions. And yet, today, only one in ten women say that they’d be comfortable making the first move.

A second date, a really good second date, can be far more thrilling than the first. 

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