Cocktails, cocktails, & mocktails...

Written by: Matt Wilson

As May is filled with bank holidays, we are sharing all of our cocktail deals with non-members, so that everyone can get their cocktail fix...

We forecast a lot of drinking in the garden over the next few months, so instead of always reaching for a 10 pack of Stella, or a couple of bottle of wine, why not get the full cocktail experience at home? It might cost a few extra quid, but boy is it worth it, and it’s fun to get cocktail drunk at home. And, if you are not drinking alcohol, you simply must try Punchy Drinks (#7 on the list). 

We’ve partnered with SEVEN of the UK’s best cocktail delivery services to bring you offers on your negronis, espresso martinis, and margaritas – and we are releasing our codes to non-members, because quite frankly, these drinks are too delicious not to share…

Here’s what’s on offer:

#1 The Drinks Drop 

Specially curated boxes, all from your favourite bars.

The Drinks Drop has partnered with some of the world’s best bars and brands to create a delicious and innovative cocktail menu – and it’s at your disposal! 

By choosing this date, your choosing to support bars that cannot be open right now. And The Drinks Drop is employing out of work bartenders to deliver their local cocktails. 

These cocktails are like nothing we’ve seen before. Will it be the Cococabana, Sergeant Pepper, or maybe a Watermelon Margarita? 

And, if you haven’t planned ahead for date night, don’t worry because if you order before 3pm you’ll get your cocktails the next day..

Use the code: DMX1020X21

#2 Niche Cocktails 

Premium cocktails, delivered…

Niche Cocktails specialise in producing premium cocktails delivered directly to your doorstep. 

Ready to drink in a matter of seconds, these canned creations make the ultimate addition to at-home date nights! 

So, is to be Mocha Martinis, or the Matcha Mojitos? 

Brazilian Lime Margaritas, or Manuka Honey Whiskey Sours? 

Niche Cocktails also let you build your own cocktail boxes. The ready to drink build-a-box offers a self-selected mix of 8 flavours in either our 6, 12, or 24 can pack…and you seriously won’t regret it!

Use the code: DATE10

#3 Tapp’d Cocktails 

Bottoms up…

Tapp’d source the finest ingredients including organic fruit, ethically sourced coffee and craft spirits to deliver exceptional quality and a perfect pour, every time. 

So what will it be? Porn star Martini? Espresso Martini? Or perhaps Sex on the Beach? 

The cocktails are blended to mixology quality, allowing you to #WakeShakeServe & get the perfect cocktail in less than 20 seconds!

Use the code: datemakers15

#4 The Bottled Bartender 

Your own bartender, in bottle form…

These are the real deal.

Each cocktail is hand-made using only fresh ingredients, always premium spirits, and some serious savour-faire!

The BB cocktail recipes aren’t imitations of the real thing. They ARE the real thing.

They’re exactly the same as the drinks you’ll find in top-end bars up and down the country, just without the extortionate price tag and the hullabaloo of mixing them yourself.

Put the ice on hold!

Use the code: DMX1020X21

#5 Hoxton & Grey

We know a place where you can get the UK’s best negronis delivered to your door…

In our opinion anyway… 

And why not pair it with a film? 

Find out what Cinema Sips recommends. 

As Cinema Sips writes so well “I would never advocate drinking and driving, but who says you can’t drink and watch other people drive?” – and thats why they recommend pairing your negronis with The Italian Job. 

Why the negroni you ask? Well it’s “strong and smooth, like Charlize Theron cracking open a safe, and it will have you dreaming of Venetian sunsets.”

Use the code: DM5743XF

#6 Fuckoffee

Treat yourselves to a Sexpresso night in…

This is FUCKOFFEE’s signature single-origin espresso pulled for you to order by their baristas. Absolutely perfect for martinis and it even includes fresh beans for garnish. 

With this date, you’re not only getting delicious Sexpresso™ cocktails but you are supporting FUCKOFFEE who set out to establish an ethical transparent supply chain, ensuring that all the people that they work with to produce their coffee are treated equitably and with the utmost deference. 

Read the whole story on their website – it won’t disappoint. And, as you are reading this, you get 25% off this kit.


#7 Punchy Drinks

Enjoy a non-alcoholic night-in…

Punchy began with a belief that the best drinks can transport you somewhere else for a moment. So where will you go? 

Compliment date night with Punchy who use the best ingredients and no weird stuff, plastic-free packaging, and a percentage of their sales go to charities dedicated to protecting our environment. 

Sounds like there are more benefits than just being hangover-free the next day! 

In a world of sugary, eco-unfriendly, artificial, and unadventurous drinks Punchy believe it’s time for something better. The proof is in the punch.


So that’s it for now – if you are planning to celebrate, then make sure you do it in style…

…and let us know how you get on!

Cheers x

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