Enjoy this wonderful cheese and charcuterie board for two...

Hosted by: Delicario

cheese & characturie

The mother of all sharing boards…

Tantalise your tastebuds with an evening at home grazing through a selection of gourmet tapas.

This feast is not one to be missed, and it includes artisan Italian and Spanish cured hams and fragrant salami, true to traditional recipes handed down through generations, alongside powerful Aged Manchego and sweet artisan cheese with sprigs of thyme from the Madonie mountains served with a spoon of exquisite fig and Almond Jam.

Seasoned cracked green olives, the smooth delicate Pate of Artichokes and the crunch of Pane Guttiau complete the journey!

How to book:

You can order your gourmet box directly from Delicario here. Just use the following code to secure your savings!


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