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A date for those who love role play...

Did someone say handcuffs?

Hidden below unsuspecting footsteps on the Brighton Seafront lies Cell Block One Three, a secret basement home to a speakeasy prison.

Despite hearing the sweet sound of crashing waves from your cells, the water makes it no easier for a successful escape. However, the proximity to the seafront has facilitated the perfect opportunity to smuggle contraband, especially liquor, in and out of the Penitentiary. Become a part of the empire behind bars!

When convicted to Alcotraz, inmates are taken into an exciting world of mischief as they are instructed by a notorious bootlegger from the inside to smuggle-in liquor to be used to make delicious, bespoke cocktails. You won’t find a set menu of drinks here…after all, it is prison! The "serving" mixologists will deliver a range of tailored cocktails every night based on the liquor you bring and your tastes. Be as creative as you can with your attempts to smuggle-in liquor. Alternatively, the crooked Guards are on your side and have a system for hiding contraband. Just make sure The Warden doesn’t catch you.

Imprisonment inside Alcotraz with personalised cocktails made by our inmate mixologists. Price includes all liqueurs, mixers, bitters and syrups.

Please bring your own bottle of spirit to smuggle past the Warden with the help of the Guards of Alcotraz!

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