Take your tastebuds on a trip to Italy...

Hosted by: Pasta Evangelists

The freshest artisan pasta recipe kits...

Each recipe includes everything you need to prepare a 5* pasta dish, including freshly made pasta, an authentic sauce & delicious garnish.

Have a pasta night with your loved one with £10 off your order and enjoy seasonally and sustainably sourced ingredients from a network of small farmers and local growers across Italy.

Pasta Evangelists source San Marzano tomatoes from growers around Mount Vesuvius, toasted hazelnuts from Piedmont, black truffles from Umbria, and bright, emerald-green pistachios from sun-baked Sicily.

Who needs to actually go to Italy anyway?

How to book:

You can order your pasta kits directly from Pasta Evangelists here. Just use the following code to secure your savings!


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