What even is an aerial silks class?

Hosted by: Miss Radida

For those who want to join the circus...

Join Bristol’s own Queen of the Skies and try your hand at the stunning physical art of Aerial Silks!

This is a hugely rewarding and very entertaining challenge for any couple. Let's find out who has what it takes to run away with the circus!

The session begins with a gentle stretch and warm-up session, followed by a 40 minute workout designed specifically for you where you will learn exciting aerial techniques such as how to climb, make shapes in the air, and possibly even learn some drops!

Miss Radida has over 13 years of experience as an aerial teacher, and all levels of fitness are welcome.

Time to soar, tumble and twist through the air with the greatest of ease.

PS - gym kit on a first date is fine right?

Members save 10% (usually £60) - cheaper than some PTs!

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How to book:

As this is a bespoke experience, the best way is to contact Rada directly to arrange your class – just let her know that you are booking with a Datemakers membership, and you’ll qualify for you member savings.

[email protected]

When you arrive, show your pass to confirm your membership...

Booking support:

If you have any questions about this date, or need to update your booking, please get in touch with Rada:

💌 [email protected]

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