Standup paddleboarding in Kew Bridge...

Hosted by: Active360

Paddleboarding for two!

Why not book an instructor out all to yourselves?

It's less embarrassing if you fall in, right? Not that your partner would laugh at you if that did happen...

Active360 run private sessions primarily as a guided tour with coaching along the way whilst building confidence.

Sounds like the perfect combination to us!

Kew is absolutely beautiful to paddleboard around, so we can guarantee a lovely date. For further details on clothing, weather conditions, safety all the good stuff, you can find it on Active360's website when you book.

How to book:

Book your Kew 2hr Session here and apply the following code at checkout to redeem your 10% off:


When you arrive, show your pass to confirm your membership...

Booking support:

If you have any questions about this date or need to update your booking, please get in touch with Active360 directly. 

📞 020 3393 5360

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