Five dates in Bristol that are absolutely, completely, 100% free...​

Written by: Imogen Sewell

Here are our favourite things to do in Bristol, which cost absolutely nothing. Ziltch. Nada.

We all love a free date… or a day that somehow turns into a date, without you realising it.

These ideas are perfect for when you’re feeling frugal pre-pay day, or when you’re after a chilled out, pressure-off activity to do with someone you’ve had your eye on.

#1 Go on a Banksy tour of Bristol 

Spend the day wandering around the city, taking in the mystery artist’s impressive work from back in the day before his pieces sold for thousands of pounds, or shred themselves at auctions.

There’s an easy route found here, which takes you past plenty of Bristol’s best cafes, bars and restaurants to fuel you.

#2 Visit Ashton Court

Rolling hills, stunning views and a grand estate house to boot: Ashton Court has it all. In our opinion, there’s no better place for a morning stroll, a leisurely bike ride or an afternoon picnic. If you can, why not cross the Clifton Suspension Bridge en route?! 

#3  Catch a gig for free…

There’s nothing better than live music, and Bristol’s one of the best places for it. Head down to Blue Lagoon or Gallimaufry in Stokes Croft or No. 1 Harbourside for some tunes.

And don’t worry if you don’t love the music – studies have shown that mutual dislike aids bonding between partners… every cloud!

#4 Get cultured at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

Swot up on your history at the Bristol Museum. Wander round taking in the fascinating artefacts, test your partner on their general knowledge and learn a little bit more about our planet’s history.

#5 Climb Cabot Tower… 

The greatest view of Bristol is like all best things in life, free. Head to Cabot Tower  for an unforgettable lookout, and why not park yourself on one of Brandon Hill’s many benches and crack open a few tinnies?

We wouldn’t mind if someone took us on this date one bit!

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